2019, October 23th - October 25th · Schöntal (Germany)

18th Workshop "Cell Biology of
Viral Infections"
of the Society for Virology (GfV)

Cell biology of zoonotic viral infections: from reservoirs to humans

History & Review

For the period of 2017 till 2019 we are the elected workshop chairs, and we are happy to welcome you in Schöntal!
Gisa & Pierre-Yves

Gerold_Gisa_Portrait (Copy) (Copy)PYL

The annual workshop “Cell Biology of Viral Infections” was founded in 2001 in Zeilitzheim and thereafter moved to Deidesheim. Since 2014, the workshop is set at the Schöntal monastery located in the beautiful Jagstal region (also referred to as “Speciosa Vallis”, Latin for beautiful valley). Here, the traditional social event of the workshops, the evening wine tasting, has been continued.

The chair activity was first taken over by Beate Sodeik and Michael Kann (2002 until 2004), passed on to Jacomine Krijnse-Locker and Stefan Urban (2005 until 2007), followed by Kay Grünewald and Mario Schelhaas (2008 until 2010), Susanne Bailer and Harald Wodrich (2011 until 2013),  Claudia Claus and Steeve Boulant (2014 until 2016), and since 2017, Pierre-Yves Lozach and Gisa Gerold.

The workshop has become a well-received tradition and is supported by the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) and the Society for Virology (GfV). A meeting report for each workshop appears in “Cell News”, a journal published by the DGZ. The reports for the previous meetings can be found at the links indicated below. They have covered the following topics:


Review 2018

Group photo with 2018 workshop participants in front of the main main building of Kloster Schöntal.

This year, Dr. Melina Vallbracht from the group of Dr. Barbara Klupp and Prof. Dr. Thomas Mettenleiter at Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut in Greifswald-Insel Riems was awarded the prize for the best student oral presentation with the title “Structure based functional analysis of the Pseudorabies virus gB fusion loops” (Left photo). Ms. Jana Koch from the lab of Dr. Pierre-Yves Lozach at the University of Heidelberg received the award for the best poster presentation for her work on the “Cell biology of Toscana virus entry” (Right photo).


Review 2017

The group photo of 2017 workshop participants in the main entrance of the Kloster Schöntal.

Group 2017

This year Venkat Raman Ramnarayan from the group of Dr. Sebastian Springer at Jacobs University in Bremen was awarded a prize for the best student oral presentation with the title “The p24 family protein TMED10 / Tmp21 / p24d1 anchors m152 / gp40 in the endoplasmic reticulum to abolish MHC class I surface expression”. Dr Miriam Becker from the lab of Dr. Mario Schelhaas at the University of Münster received the award of the best poster presentation for her work on the “Entry of Merkel cell polyomavirus into A549 cells”.

Awards 2017

Review 2016

Thanks to all the participants of the 2016 workshop and for celebrating its 15th anniversary! This was the third and final year for Dr. Steeve Boulant and Dr. Claudia Claus! As new chairs Dr. Gisa Gerold (Twincore, Hannover) and Dr. Pierre-Yves Lozach (Heidelberg University) were elected!


The Award for Best Presentation at the 2016 workshop was given to Marta Fratini from the lab of Dr. Steeve Boulant for her talk on “Nanoscale approaches to characterize the dynamic and biophysical determinants of receptor-mediated virus internalization”. Congratulations!


Review 2015

This is a group photo of the participants of the 2015 workshop:


At the 2015 workshop we had two winners for the Award for Best Presentation:
Dr. Bastian Thaa from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and Cornelius Rohde from Philipps-University Marburg.


Review 2014

Here is a photo of participants from the 2014 “Cell Biology of Viral Infections” Workshop (19-21 November 2014, Kloster Schöntal, Germany)

At the 2014 Workshop, the Award for Best Presentation was given to Sarah Hofmann (Heinrich-Pette-Institut) for her talk on “HCV’s Interaction with Host Lipid Metabolism”:


Steeve Boulant, Sarah Hofmann and Claudia Claus



Review 2013

This is an image of all participants of the 2013 meeting on “Cell biology of metabolic processes”, organized by Susanne Bailer and Harald Wodrich. More images of the previous meetings can be found at the following link: